Cyber Risk Control

Cyber Risk Valuation

Quantar’s patented proprietary technology enables you to financially value the cyber threats posed to individual organizations and to aggregate risk exposures from a range of entities. We have built upon 20 years of cyber security and risk management experience.

CyCalc Applications Overview

Our suite of cyber risk valuation products was first developed from 1999 for the banking sector for Basel II I.T. and electronic transaction risk quantification.

CyCalc Applications Overview

Our products and services are based upon the core components developed specifically for the identification, assessment, quantification and valuation of expected losses consequent upon the cyber threats posed to organizations on a day-to-day basis.

Quantar’s suite of core components provides ongoing threat assessment and financial valuation, enabling optimization of any organization’s cyber risk control, I.T. security, regulatory compliance and enterprise risk management.

CyCalc Suite is installed locally, secured by physical hardware encryption for control, audit and compliance. We do NOT offer a cloud solution. Why?:

Control – Our products are secured locally, with every parameter change logged to provide you  with audit and compliance data illustrating your data security controls and procedures.

Client Data: Your clients place trust in you for securing and controlling their proprietary data acquired for your underwriting purposes. Holding their data within your own infrastructure, secured by your perimeter defences gives your client confidence their trust is not misplaced.

Reliance: Your concerns in underwriting cyber cover includes the use by clients of cloud computing. Maintaining locally installed analytics applications and securing them within your own entity removes the reliance and potential security issues associated with cloud deployments.

Litigation Risk: There is an ongoing rise in patent litigation against users of cloud infrastructure by patent assertion entities (PAE’s) that have acquired large numbers of patents relating to critical elements of cloud computing. These entities derive their revenue from litigation and licensing use of their patents. Managing legal risks is a fundamental component of enterprise risk management and cloud now increases exposures.

Increasingly punitive data breach laws require the tools to both comply with the new regulatory environment, but also to provide the proof of intent to comply to auditors. Quantar’s CyCalc suite delivers the means for regulatory compliance, as well as the data required for repudiation/mitigation of legal claims for wrongful or negligent acts.

We offer our solutions and services as part of the overall client underwriting risk assessment. Let us assist you in the provision of documented external assessment and cyber threat exposure in delivering your clients the full effect of cyber insurance risk mitigation – for 2018 cloud litigation trends see

Patented Technology Advantage

Quantar’s patented technology provides the cyber risk valuation you need on a continuous basis for trend analysis, client cyber risk management rating and assessing risk appetite.

Understanding a client’s risk posture requires insightful analysis of the interdependencies of business processes, technologies and enterprise risk management. Without a constant evaluation of the risk trend, unexpected losses can occur as a result of failures in operational risk management.

In most instances, client’s risk management programs are stable and mature, with various components deeply embedded within the entity. Program components may comprise business continuity program integration with the overall risk management program; process managers with detailed specifications and operational data; integrated risk transfer policies and procedures.

Quantar’s CyCalc Suite maps the relationships between operations, technologies, controls and actual cyber risks posed to your clients on a constant basis. Easy to view charting gives instant oversight of your client’s cyber risk capabilities, facilitating value-added feedback to them to enhance their risk management for mutually beneficial cyber risk control.

Quantar provides you with the tools and data to deliver service quality to your clients that differentiates your organization, providing comparative advantage and sustained customer retention.

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Financially value your organization’s cyber threat exposure


Enhance I.T. security using actual attack data experienced by your network

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Our technology is installed at your location -No SaaS vulnerability


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