Cyber Risk Control

Cyber Risk Analytics and Valuation

The Quantar Approach to Cyber Risk Valuation - Informed Insurance®

Our unique CyCalc® underwriting and valuation support platform used by the financial services industry to assess, select and price cyber risks, manage aggregated risk portfolios, and develop new cyber insurance products and services for their valued clients. Our systems are also used for corporate risk management to better identify and manage financial risk exposures arising from cyber threats. Quantar is not a cyber-security company. We provide the capability to value cyber threats posed to your company and its ability to function through a clear and understandable identification of process vulnerabilities.

A New Frontier for Cyber Insurers

Cyber risk management is not a technical cyber security problem; it is a multi-facetted business risk. In the same way that other types of enterprise risks are managed, so cyber has to similarly addressed. Whether through elimination, reduction through mitigation actions, or risk transfer through insurance, the new regulatory environment places cyber risk management within a new operating environment. With a punitive set of data breach laws extending from the US to the EU, all company executives now face a new frontier in compliance whilst seeking to maintain competitiveness. Quantar can assist your enterprise to understand the challenges and support data breach management with our unique cyber risk control solutions. MORE

Quantar Proposition

Cyber insurance underwriting poses new and emerging issues due to a lack of historical data and the constant evolution of the risks themselves. Quantar can provide the data you need to make informed selection and pricing decisions

CyCalc® Datasheet

See how our cyber risk valuation platform and patented technologies can supply your enterprise with the information for each client as well as a capability to aggregate risk profiles to manage an overall cyber portfolio exposure

The Data Challenge

Our CyCalc proprietary technology acquires client-specific risk data and actual cyber threats. By combining and modelling multiple data sources, Quantar provides deep insight into the true risk exposure of your valued clients